Want to Become a Personal Trainer?

Want to Become a Personal Trainer?

Fitness Instructor

It is quite evident that functional fitness training courses matters a lot to become a personal trainer. Without these functional training courses it is not possible to become a trainer. First of all, the most important thing which you require is a functional training certificate. It is not a proof which would say that how much practical information one has but at least it is a way to become a personal trainer. Check out the Functional Fitness Courses if you want to become a functional trainer.

Functional training certifications

The training given for the attainment of functional fitness courses is theoretical and does not make any impact on your daily training. But the certifications are a must, be it you run your own gym or either work for a corporate gym or a studio.

There are various certified programs, a few would emphasize upon the theory much and a few would give out the practical training. You should choose which one you would want to take up. For example, the Functional Movement Screen is a certified program which would help you to create a foundational understanding which is surely going to be very helpful for you throughout your training career. Check out the kettlebell certifications at www.functionalfitnesscourses.com/kettlebell-instructor-certifications/

Learning through reading


You should always keep education as a higher priority. The best way to start up is by reading the fitness blogs. Nothing will make sense in the beginning. But if you keep yourself motivated then in around nine to twelve months you will figure out that the concepts will begin to seem easier to you.


Books are the best teachers. After learning the main concepts by the blogs you should take a deep plunge to know the depth of the personal training concepts and resort to the books. You will find them to be gibberish in the starting but them slowly and steadily you will come to know about the concepts in detail.

On the job training

If you live in Australia then you should start interning in a commercial gym. This will surely give you a tough time but you need to start from somewhere to begin your career.

Also, you will not make much money by doing so. You might have to work on the floor for unreasonable wage or you can also have to pick up clients. But these hindrances should not stop you and deter you from your goal. As a matter of fact this can also prove to be an important experience to get to know the ways of this industry.

If you really intend to make your career in this field then you require a lot of patience and hard work. This field is not for the lazy bums. You will have to deal with real numbers in the starting to pay the fees for your personal training courses.

You should also be prepared to invest a lot of time and energy. Though this field might ask a lot from you in the beginning but your energy and efforts will surely pay off once you are successful and well established in this field.

Battle Rope Exercise Ideas

Have you ever been looking for online personal trainer courses in the UK ? If yes you would have found out on ptcertifications.com that Jump ropes have their place in childhood memories, when they were used for play and keeping fit. These jump ropes have now evolved into battle ropes used for a strenuous conditioning workout in the adult world. Battle ropes are thick, heavy and vary in weight, normally tied to a strong pole or anchored to a wall. They are used to exercise and strengthen your shoulders, arms, legs and abs. Though battle rope exercises do not strain the body, they can provide a killer workout so they should be done under the guidance of a personal trainer.

Given below are a few battle rope exercises which will help you to get into good shape:

Rope Training

Double Wave

This movement involves facing the anchor in a standing position with your feet apart, shoulder-width. Take hold of one end of the rope with your palms facing each other. Then bend your knees a bit, brace your core, and create rope waves by moving both arms up and down.

Alternating Wave

With feet placed shoulder-wide and slightly bent knees, face the anchor point in a standing position. Hold the rope as in (1) above. Alternately raise each arm shoulder high and quickly lower. This should be a rapid movement, but without losing form.

Low Alternating Wave

This exercise is similar to the alternating wave in (2) above, but will also involve your lower body. However, for this movement you will need to squat instead of standing. Engage your core and continue as in the alternating wave.

Shoulder Circles

This movement is meant to strengthen the shoulders, so proves ideal for swimmers and boxers. With feet apart and bent knees you should grasp the rope, with your palms facing downwards. Now perform a clockwise movement by lifting your arms over your shoulders and moving them in a circle. This can be repeated in 30 second intervals, both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Guidance from a personal trainer could prove helpful.

Snakes on the Floor

For a real killer workout for the shoulders try this movement. Facing the anchor with feet a bit wide apart you need to hold the ropes. After getting into a squat open your arms wide and parallel with the floor. Now move your arms inwards towards each other (without crossing) and then back to starting position. The rope should resemble snake movements on the floor.

Shoulder Press

Battle ropes are great for exercising your shoulders. With enough tension applied on the ropes you can pull them upward while straightening your arms overhead. Then bring them back down to the starting position.

Battle ropes are a great workout in themselves. By concentrating on one task, it helps the mind to focus and the body flush lactic acid. You should try different movements to work the different muscles. The ideal workout would be to alternate between one minute farther away, and two minutes closer to the anchor point. The time spent farther away converts to active recovery. However for you to get the best results, do so under guidance of a personal trainer.



How a Personal Trainer Can Help You Take Charge of Your Health

Maintaining a good health or improving it further should be the chief aim of any fitness programme. Health does not only mean the absence of any illness or disease but reflects how a person feels about his body and how comfortable he is with himself mentally. It is also an indication about your confidence in performing various activities and your general attitude towards life.

Good health not only makes you feel physically strong and fit but also improves your overall self-confidence so that you can take charge of every aspect of your life. A personal trainer in Chino Hills can help you stay fit and healthy through regular exercise and other practical tips so that you can enjoy the lifestyle you cherish.

personal trainer in Chino Hills

The Impact a Personal Trainer has on your Fitness Programme

If you are an amateur, beginning a fitness programme on your own can lead to several complications and unexpected impediments.

For one, physical fitness encompasses different categories such as aerobic and anaerobic training, flexibility training and stress management techniques and so on.

Second, it requires careful planning of diet and nutrition so that you can intake just the right amount of calories for optimum energy.

Third, it requires appropriate goal setting so that you can reach your desired fitness level and take charge of your health. The entire procedure should have a holistic approach so that you are in control of both your physical and mental health.

A qualified personal trainer in Chino Hills has extensive knowledge on all the above as he has undergone several courses pertaining to the same. He has also trained several other clients with similar requirement as yours which means he has the right experience too. With all his knowledge and expertise, he will help you and guide you to improve your health and maintain a desired fitness level for life.

Personal Trainers help you to Identify your Fitness Goal

You cannot maintain good health without having a fitness goal. Setting the right goal is half the battle won as you are then aware of what exactly needs to be done (or not). Your trainer will first discuss your present health condition and lifestyle and then draw up a fitness plan with a specific goal and a targeted deadline.

Personal Trainers Evaluate your Progress Regularly

Your trainer will measure your progress at regular intervals throughout the entire duration of your fitness programme. He will also maintain a fitness chart wherein you can see your progress and understand the situation for yourself.

Gradually, you will come to know of different tips and tricks to tackle various situations so that you can maintain your healthy lifestyle successfully. The knowledge you thus gain will be of immense help in maintaining your health and fitness for life even without any trainer at all.

Personal Trainers help Modify your Dietary Habits

Diet plays a crucial part in overall good health. A poor diet that lacks adequate nutrition can hardly support a healthy body. A Chino Hills personal trainer with the right approach will never undermine the importance of diet and nutrition in the maintenance of optimum health and fitness. In fact, he will draw up an exclusive diet chart just for you which is tailored to fit your lifestyle, dietary preferences and budget.

How Your Trainer Can Help you Choose the Right Diet

The right diet teamed with the right exercise routine can work wonders for your body. This combination can in fact serve many other benefits besides just helping you to maintain the ideal weight-height ratio. The right balance of both can improve your overall health, your skin texture, your metabolism and so on. Many times, people tend to eat the wrong foods and then find it difficult to keep the excess weight at bay. If you go to a gym or a boot camp Sydney, your personal trainer can actually help you choose the right Sydney weight loss program. Here’s how,

Assessing Your Present Health Condition

Choosing the right Sydney weight loss program largely depends on your present health condition. A professional personal trainerwill be able to assess what your body lacks and accordingly suggest how to balance your diet through a 12-week body challenge. For instance, if you suffer from lack of stamina, you may need a higher intake of starch-rich foods and protein foods. Just by reading up about diets online or in diet books, you won’t be able to choose the right balance based on what your body needs or lacks presently. The wrong diet can affect your ability to work out and stay healthy.

Keeping a Balance

The key to a good diet is balance during your 12-week body challenge. Not every diet is meant for everyone. This is where the expertise of personal trainers comes in. Your body needs enough vitamins, minerals and different kinds of foods to maintain bodily functions. It is when there is an imbalance in one of these that you suffer from health problems like lack of energy, hair fall, metabolism related problems and so on. It is therefore always better to discuss your diet with your fitness personal trainer in Sydney. Your trainer will also be able to modify your diet based on the changes in your body over time.

Proper Knowledge

You can easily access information about health and diets anywhere today. However, if you don’t have proper knowledge about health and good food intake, your choice of diet may turn out to be very wrong. It is the proper knowledge of a trained personal trainer from http://www.6weekbody.com.au/weight-loss/how-to-lose-weight-fast/ that will help guide you through. They will be able to share advice related to why you should a particular diet for yourself. Furthermore, you’ll be able to learn a lot more about diets, foods and what they do or how they benefit you when you have a one on one conversation with a trainer.

Ready Customised Advice

Your 12-week body challenge personal trainerwill always be available to answer your health related queries when you go for your workouts. This readily available and customized information can help you maintain your food intake and health. For instance, when you realize certain diet combinations are not helping you or making your put on unwanted weight, a quick discussion with the trainer will help you to modify the diet based on the body’s reactions. This will help ensure that you are getting the right foods.